in collaboration with Urs August Steiner
video by Reini Briegel

pueblo is a performance which was held inside the historical rooms of the estate house Ital Reding-Hofstatt in Schwyz, Switzerland. The performance is relating to the history of the house and its residents, including architectural details and original furniture dating back to the 17th century. pueblo was shown on the occasion of Kunstszene Schwyz, a group exhibition focusing on contemporary art of the Canton of Schwyz.

co-performed with Nina Emge
documentation by Giordano Tatum Rush

'I swear' is a performance dedicated to the painting 'The student' by Swiss artist Ferdinand Hodler. Hodler painted himself in 1874, in the age of 21. The self portrait shows Hodler as a curios looking young artist, wearing the traditional black working garment including the typical hairstyle which was fashionable by that time period.

The performance was relating to Hodler's fingers, which are formed to speak an oath. Hodler is swearing on the allegories of art and sciences, which are visible in the background of the actual painting. With the rectangular measurement in his hand, the books and canvas in his back, he represents himself as a diligent and proud student of the arts.

In collaboration with the musician CRIMER, also known as Alexander Frei, the artist Gregory Hari decided to cover the famous 90's pop song 'I swear' by one of the first boybands All4One. The lyrics of the song are telling the romantic story of a boy loving a girl, swearing that he will be there for her for ever and always. The artist took that random song and transformed it in a different context. Through this long durational singing and repeating of the original lyrics, the performance became a ritualistic act of promising and sacrificing for the sake of the art.

in collaboration with CRIMER/Alexander Frei
documentation by Kaja Leonie Ramseier